Federal Signal NYPD AeroTwin vintage lightbar, This lightbar is in excellent condition and operates well. All lights are operational and includes the hard to find mounting feet. Your search for the vintage bar has ended here. Now you can complete that restoration project!

PRICE $800

Federal Signal AeroDynic Lightbars, we currently have a variation of these lightbars in stock. This unit has 6 gear driven rotators, front takedowns, and rear flashers. Price $350
Federal Signal AeroDynic Lightbar, All light, 2 rotators with cascade mirrors and clear front traffic clearing lights. Price $200

Federal Signal AeroDynic, All light, gear driven rotators with clear front traffic clearing lights. Price $200

Whelen 8000 series 2 Strobe Lightbar with cascade mirrors, cruise lights, and rear flashers. The lightbar has been tested and everything works. This lightbar is perfect for your restoration project and was originally from a small agency in TN. We only have one, so hurry before your chances of owning it are gone.

PRICE $500

Whelen Model 80H Halogen Lightbar. This unit came straight from NY State Police. If you were needing this lightbar for your restoration project or for the man cave, you've found it! 

PRICE $500

Smith & Wesson Lightbars, these lightbars include 4 rotators, takedowns, alley lights, and rear flashers. We have two of these lightbars as pictured as well as blue/blue domes with clear cutouts for the takedowns and alley lights. Use these lightbars for your restoration project. They won't be around for ever.

PRICE $300

Federal Signal TwinSonic vintage lightbars. We have some of these vintage lightbars in stock. We have a few different versions of these lightbars such as the model 12X, 12CTS, and 12's. These lightbars range from excellent condition to good condition. We bench test all units to ensure all is working properly. Your search for the vintage bar has ended here. Now you can complete that restoration project! Domes available are red/blue/clear.

PRICE $500